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Whiplash Treatment Study

93% of Chronic Whiplash Patients Improve with Treatment Given at Aim High Health According a Study

A research article’s introduction sums up common whiplash treatment very well:

“The ‘whiplash’ syndrome is a collection of symptoms produced as a result of soft-tissue injury of the cervical spine. The accumulated literature suggests that 43 percent of patients will suffer long-term symptoms following ‘whiplash’ injury. If patients are still symptomatic after three months then there is almost a 90 per cent chance that they will remain so. No conventional (MEDICAL) treatment has proven to be effective in these established chronic cases.

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The researchers of this study examined the effectiveness of CHIROPRACTIC in 28 patients with chronic whiplash pain. The patients were referred for chiropractic treatment similar to what is performed at Aim High Health and Chiropractic. The average was 15.5 (range, 3-44) months after the accident. Patients were interviewed before treatment by both an independent chiropractor and orthopedic physician. The patients were assigned to one of four classification groups:

  • A - No symptoms;
  • B - Symptoms are a nuisance;
  • C - Symptoms are intrusive; and,
  • D - Symptoms are disabling.

The initial evaluation placed 27 of the 28 patients in groups C or D.

Here is what the research concluded:

Following (CHIROPRACTIC) treatment, 26 (93 per cent) of the patients had improved: 16 by one symptom group and 10 by two symptom groups. In the group that had improved, 17 had stopped their treatment at the time of assessment; symptoms had recurred to a minor degree in four (24 per cent) of these patients and they were considering further treatment.”

These are exciting findings, and merit further investigations with randomized, controlled studies.

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