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Refer a Friend and get a free posture corrector! Call us for more information

Refer a Friend and get a free posture corrector! Call us for more information

Victims' Rights Check Lists

Auto- Accident

Victims’ Rights Checklist:

Aim High Health and Chiropractic’s Auto Accident & Injury Center is a leading center for Auto-Injury Care and after treating many accident victims, we’ve noticed 10 big mistakes made by many victims.  We’ve created this valuable checklist to guide you through this critical period.  

Here are 10 things to do immediately after an accident:

  1. Make sure you immediately attend to your injuries:  Even if you think your injuries are minor or non-existent, you should see an Aim High doctor immediately after the accident occurs. Why? Injuries that appear minor to the untrained eye can sometimes be very serious! Injuries can include neck pain, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, back pain, insomnia, wrist pain, jaw pain and forgetfulness. 
  2. Schedule an exam with an Aim High Chiropractic doctor within 24 hours of a fall, accident, or injury:  The sooner you are seen, the faster you will heal.  

If you need to talk to someone immediately, our Auto Accident Hotline is: (303) 918-3904 

or schedule your exam now by clicking the link below:

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  1. Report the accident:  Call the police first then notify your own insurance company promptly after the accident.  This next step is critical: if the accident or injury occurred on someone else’s property- please, immediately notify the owner, landlord, or manager at the accident.
  2. Thinking of hiring an attorney? Many people involved in an accident never consult with a knowledgeable attorney.  This may become a mistake. Some skilled personal injury attorneys will not charge a fee for your initial consultation. You may need advice. Contact our office now because we work with many skilled auto injury attorneys.
  3. Call a skilled Aim High Doctor of Chiropractic, who understands the unique injuries of auto accidents and injuries:  We have outstanding treatment centers for Auto Accident Injuries in the Denver Metro area.  Make sure you choose a chiropractor based on his or her experience in treating these unique conditions.  If you have questions, please call our office at (303) 922-2977.  Like most lawyers, there is no charge for an initial consultation at our clinic.  CALL us NOW!
  4. Make sure you have Med-Pay on your insurance:  this is something you may want to consider before a crash. We recommend at least $20,000 coverage. Make sure to check that you have this by calling your agent.  Also make sure to get Uninsured/Underinsured protection as well.
  5. Seek chiropractic care immediately: Even if your injuries are minor, you should seek a chiropractor immediately. Aim High will document your injuries and get you on the road to feeling good again.
  6. Do not miss your Aim High Health and chiropractic appointments:  only by coming in can you get better.
  7. Follow your doctor’s advice: we are here for you and the advice from our doctors will help you get to feeling better as soon as possible.
  8. If you already have an attorney, Aim High Health and Chiropractic will work with them:  While we do not give legal advice, we have many decades of experience working with many competent, skilled attorneys. 

One last thing – This is importantTo be in an accident and to experience an injury is a traumatic experience.  Many people think it can never happen to them.  Others are lucky enough to avoid such an event during their lives.  But unfortunately, many people do get into accidents or have injuries at one time or another. Our clinic is here to help you get well.  

Contact Aim High Health and Chiropractic’s Auto Accident & Injury Center and schedule your free initial consultation right NOW! 


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We are here to help auto accident victims get well, feel wonderful again, and live their BEST lives. We have offices in these areas: Denver, Aurora, Wheat Ridge, Avada and Lakewook. 

Please note- this report is not meant to treat or diagnose any injury or illness. It is not medical or chiropractic advice. Please consult a licensed health care professional with any issues. 

This report is not legal advice. Please consult with a licensed attorney with any legal issues.

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