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Colorado Med-Pay Law

Are You Dangerously Low on Car Insurance Coverage? What You Need to Know About Colorado Med-Pay Law

What is Med-Pay?

Med Pay in Denver, Aurora, or Wheat Ridge is short for medical payment coverage. It is an add on to your car insurance policy. At this time there is a mandatory med-pay law. This means you will have med-pay unless you sign a statement that says you do not want med-pay.

Should I ever reject or opt out of Med-Pay?

NO. Med-pay will help cover any medical and chiropractic care after a car accident so this is a must. From my experience it a mistake to opt out of med pay coverage.

How much Med-Pay should I carry?

Medical payments after a car accident can be VERY expensive. The minimum is only $5,000. Your minimum $5,000 can be completely gone if you are taken by an ambulance to the hospital and spend the night.

From my 17 plus years of experience, I recommend for my family and patients “med-pay” of at least $10,000. I personally have $25,000 “medical payment coverage” on my policy. This simple little add-on will cost you a little more (in many cases about$10 to $20 a month).

Med pay coverage will cover you, your family and friends in your car if there are any injuries. I have had many patients who have to pay cash, out of pocket for treatment because they opted out of this coverage without knowing it. You may end up paying thousands if you get taken to the hospital by ambulance, stay a night and get chiropractic treatment.

Make sure you tell your agent, “I want med pay.”

I also have “uninsured” and “underinsured” protection in case if someone who hits me has no insurance or very little coverage. PLEASE make sure you ask for this also.

I have health insurance, why do I need Med-Pay?

Personal health insurance has limits (as to which hospital you may use, what doctors you can see, what treatment you may receive and how often you may get treatment). You will have to pay for co-pays and deductibles.

Your health insurance will only cover you and your immediate family. Your health insurance will NOT cover other passengers in the car (like mom, dad, cousins, uncles, niece, nephews and friends!)

Your med-pay covers everyone in the car and does not have the same limitations as your health insurance. With med pay you are free to see any doctor you want.

Action Steps:

  1. Make sure you do not opt out of Med-pay
  2. Get med pay coverage of at least $10,000. If you want extra protection like I have, ask for $25,0000.
  3. Tell your agent, “I want med pay and uninsured, underinsured protection.”

From the heart,

Dr Conrad Bui, DC, ND

This page is for information and academic purposes only. It is not meant to replace nor provide any legal advice, whatsoever. Please consult a licensed professional regarding any legal matters.

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